La Precieuse

La Precieuse, Kioi-cho, Tokyo

Nestled in the serene Kioi-cho neighborhood of Tokyo, La Precieuse is a café-restaurant that epitomizes a refined and tranquil breakfast experience. During my recent visit, I had the pleasure of savoring their French toast, a morning masterpiece adorned with fresh cream and herbs, and I couldn’t resist trying their famous Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc.

La Precieuse’s French toast is nothing short of extraordinary. Each luscious slice was a testament to the art of breakfast. The exterior bore a perfect golden crispness, while the inside revealed a custardy, pillowy softness. The addition of fresh cream and herbs elevated the dish to a realm of pure delight. It was a harmonious blend of flavors and textures, a true breakfast gem.

Notably, La Precieuse is renowned for its Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc, and it lived up to its reputation. The chestnut-infused dessert was a splendid treat that showcased the café’s dedication to unique and delightful culinary experiences.

Despite its popularity, La Precieuse remains relatively empty during breakfast hours, allowing for a serene and relaxed dining experience. It’s a rarity in Tokyo and contributes to the café’s distinct charm.

Service at La Precieuse is attentive and welcoming. The staff takes pride in their offerings and goes the extra mile to ensure your visit is enjoyable.

In terms of pricing, La Precieuse falls into the mid to upper range for breakfast venues in Tokyo. While it might not be the most budget-friendly option, the quality of the food and the serene ambiance make it a worthy investment for those who appreciate a breakfast with a touch of refinement.

La Precieuse in Kioi-cho is a breakfast jewel that offers a delightful French toast adorned with fresh cream and herbs, as well as a famous Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc. It’s a place where quality and tranquility merge, setting it apart as a haven for breakfast connoisseurs. If you’re seeking a peaceful and tasteful start to your day, La Precieuse is a must-visit. It’s a place that invites you to embrace the art of breakfast and create memorable moments in the heart of Tokyo.