About me

Hello World, I’m Raita.

I reside in Setagaya City, a suburb of Tokyo. I love my life in Tokyo, where there are countless buildings, an abundance of people, a vast network of trains, and an endless array of delicious foods. Everything in Tokyo is in abundance, and I thoroughly relish it.

I often find joy in spending my mornings at various cafes, indulging in breakfast, sipping coffee, and immersing myself in a good book, especially during the early hours of the weekend.

At 7 A.M, I engage in boxercise before heading to a cafe that opens at 8 – 9 A.M.

During this time on the weekends, Tokyo takes on a peaceful and quiet ambiance, revealing a different side of the city.

I’m planning to share insights about my life in Tokyo. Within the “Tokyo Breakfast” category, I’ll be posting about numerous dining cafes that open at 8 A.M and which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

I hope that this information proves valuable to those interested in residing in or visiting Tokyo. Enjoy your time in Tokyo!