The French toast at Woodberry Coffee is a true morning delight. It arrives at your table perfectly browned and dusted with a hint of powdered sugar. Each bite reveals a warm, fluffy interior, making it a comforting and indulgent way to start your day. The side of fresh fruit was a refreshing addition, adding a touch of healthiness to balance the sweetness.

One of the highlights of Woodberry Coffee is its location, just a stone’s throw away from Shibuya Hikawa Jinja. This provides a serene and picturesque setting to enjoy your breakfast. After a satisfying meal, a leisurely stroll to the nearby shrine is the perfect way to continue your morning.

Service at Woodberry Coffee is friendly and prompt. The staff is attentive and ready to accommodate your breakfast preferences, ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

Woodberry Coffee in Shibuya is a breakfast oasis that offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you’re a local looking for a reliable breakfast spot or a tourist exploring Shibuya’s vibrant streets, Woodberry Coffee won’t disappoint. The French toast and fresh fruit are just the beginning of the delightful culinary journey that awaits. So, don’t miss the chance to enjoy a serene breakfast near Shibuya Hikawa Jinja at Woodberry Coffee.