Located a little far from Tokyo’s lively Shibuya, WHITE GLASS COFFEE is a café-restaurant that adds a touch of magic to your breakfast experience. During my recent visit, I had the pleasure of enjoying a delightful breakfast that included French toast and a comforting hot vegetable soup. WHITE GLASS COFFEE is also renowned for its delectable chocolate offerings.

The French toast at WHITE GLASS COFFEE was a breakfast delight. Each slice was perfectly browned, with a tender, custardy interior that melted in my mouth. The richness of the French toast was complemented by a drizzle of syrup, making each bite a sweet revelation. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

Accompanying the French toast was a hot vegetable soup that provided a comforting and savory balance to the meal. It was a reminder that breakfast doesn’t always have to be exclusively sweet; a hearty soup can be just as satisfying.

WHITE GLASS COFFEE is indeed famous for its chocolate offerings. While I didn’t indulge in chocolate during my breakfast visit, it’s a compelling reason to return.

Service at WHITE GLASS COFFEE is friendly and efficient, adding to the overall charm of the café.

In summary, WHITE GLASS COFFEE in Shibuya offers a delightful breakfast experience that includes French toast, hot vegetable soup, and a renowned reputation for chocolate. It’s a place that understands the art of breakfast and the magic of a well-brewed cup of coffee. Whether you’re looking for a sweet morning treat or a savory start to your day, WHITE GLASS COFFEE is a café that offers the best of both worlds. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy breakfast in the heart of Shibuya at this charming establishment.