Mille Cinquecento, Yoyogi Hachiman, Tokyo

Nestled in the vibrant Yoyogi Hachiman neighborhood of Tokyo, Mille Cinquecento is a charming café-restaurant that transports you to the heart of Italy for breakfast. During my recent visit, I had the pleasure of savoring their Italian morning set, and I couldn’t resist taking some Italian traditional local sweets, including Baba and Cannoli, for a take-away treat.

Mille Cinquecento’s Italian morning set is a delightful escape to Italy without leaving Tokyo. It’s a breakfast experience that pays homage to the art of Italian pastries and sweets. The menu boasts a tempting array of pastries, bread, and an exquisite selection of traditional Italian local sweets.

The Baba, drenched in rum and oozing with rich, sweet flavor, is a true standout. Each bite is a journey to Naples, where this treat was born. The Cannoli, with its delicate crispy shell and luscious creamy filling, is a textural symphony that’s hard to resist.

The availability of various traditional Italian local sweets for take-away is a wonderful touch. It allows you to continue indulging in the delicious flavors of Italy later in the day.

Mille Cinquecento’s interior is cozy and inviting, exuding an Italian-inspired charm. The warm lighting, comfortable seating, and friendly ambiance set the stage for a relaxing breakfast experience.

Service at Mille Cinquecento is attentive and welcoming. The staff is knowledgeable about their offerings and ensures that your visit is enjoyable.

In summary, Mille Cinquecento in Yoyogi Hachiman is your passport to an Italian breakfast adventure. The Baba, Cannoli, and traditional local sweets embody the spirit of Italian confectionery, making it a sweet retreat in the heart of Tokyo. Whether you’re an aficionado of Italian cuisine or simply someone with a love for pastries, Mille Cinquecento is a breakfast haven. Don’t miss the chance to bring a taste of Italy home with you and savor these delectable delights whenever you desire.